Yes, I agree, it sounds like an overdramatic movie or a very nerdy documentary, but it’s actually an art project.
“Every five minutes it scours thousands of weblogs, searching for the four most recently posted pictures that begin with the letters ‘V’, ‘O’, ‘R’, ‘N’. It is filled with fresh words and pictures from the blogosphere.
Understanding VORN is about experiencing and forgetting, reflecting the transient intangibility of the online reality. From the chaos can emerge extreme ugliness and extreme beauty, but the lack of premeditation makes it all very human. Understanding VORN has seen suicide notes, sex pictures, and love letters, but these poignant moments inevitably get swallowed by time, as the program advances, obsessed with finding what’s new.
Currently, Understanding VORN culls its data from Flickr, and from over 800,000 LiveJournal weblogs”