“Human intimacy is a significant but often neglected part of modern life. More people now than ever carry on long distance relationships with romantic partners, sometimes for extended periods of time. However today’s communication systems are impersonal and generic. E-mail, for example, is often read and written on the same computer and at the same desk that one uses for any other kind of communication. Phone calls and SMS messages are sent and received between partners on the same devices used for work and business.

Mutsugoto is a new kind of communication device meant to be used only by romantic couples in long distance relationships. Breaking away from traditional systems intended for operation by any pair of people in any situation, the form and function of Mutsugoto is designed to more strongly reflect the character of an intimate bond.”

So how does this system work?

Each partner wears a special ring that emits an infrared beacon, visible only to a camera mounted above. A computer vision system tracks the movement of the ring finger. The silhouette of the user is captured and transformed into the partner’s room.

This invention is the very essence of the technological decade we live in. Yeah, I don’t think its particularly useable, but I do think this could be a road to a much more practical solution for long-distance relationships, including filial ones. I long for the day when our bodies can be transformed into another dimension closer to a loved one.

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