I think one of the “internet things” I’ve had the hardest time with over the years is mail space, for GMail is a new invention. LOL, I must have spent a total of two weeks whining about Hotmail’s ka7tateh- I couldn’t receive if my inbox was over TWO MBs, I couldn’t send e-mails if my friend’s inbox was over TWO MBs, and the suffering continued for years.
I know that most email providers have already got over their ka7tateh(thanks to the revolutionizing GMail), and have started to provide more space, but there are still a lot of people who have not been upgraded(like myself), and who do not have a GMail. And I guess that’s why they created Dropload. Dropload offers users a place to drop files for anyone with an email address to pick up and download with instructions. The files stay available in their system up to 7 days and can be as large as 100MB.
If only they created this service before the GMail revolution.

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