So the semester is almost over, and gladly so. Everyone at the moment seems to be extremely busy finishing projects, meeting deadlines, and studying for the after Eid finals. As for me, I still have a few things to do myself- three research papers due after Eid, a project due Sunday, a test on Sunday, 3 terribly long tests after Eid, and a 6-hour sit-down design test which I’m already panicking about.
My classes have all finally come to an end, today being the grand finale of Islamic Culture(literally, with the “My dear brothers and sisters” at the beginning of the final speech to the “Wasalamu Alikom Wa ra7matu Allah” at the end).

I can’t believe how bad this semester dragged for me! To make matters even worse, it was also utterly pointless; I didn’t learn anything in any of my classes that I couldn’t have learned alone. I actually think that the only thing that came out of this semester is that Roba has finally mastered the art of being fully Jordanian- I have either been late to/or not bothered to attend every single class during these past month. Yup. za2fooli. It took me a while to get it right. I remember during my first semester at JU, I would go 15 minutes early to every lecture as I was still used to the strict military regime of my high school, and would end up sitting alone for 25 minutes waiting for even the professor to show up.

But ok, I gotta be less pessimistic- the semester wasn’t wholly bad, I’m just in a bad mood today. I actually got to meet a few nice people, I made a few new good friends, learned more about the streets of Amman, and became a better driver(relativity once again- now I can drive with one hand, swerve around much better, and I discovered that it feels good to drive like a Jordanian cab driver VA VA VOOM).

I find it fitting that I end this post with a “sing-song phrase” a friend always chants when he’s thinking- “Ta dam, ta da da dum”.