One of the worst things about having spent all my life in the Gulf is all the friendships that I have spent years building but that I have lost after moving to Jordan. Although I try my best to stay in good contact with all the friends who are now scattered all over the world, it’s really very difficult to maintain the closeness that grows from everyday contact and real-life affairs. And so, sadly, my relationships have diminished drastically over the course of the last 3 years.
One of the most memorable relationships is a relationship my family and I made with another family- El Zaharnas.
We basically became friends through Dabkeh, where Auntie Basima and my mother were both a part of the organizing committe of Arabian Sunshine, and Sami, my brothers, and I were all a part of the band. Then during a certain Eid, we went “together” as families to spend the vacation in Bahrain, and things avalanched from there. Lol, that was basically the last period before we started seeing El Zaharnas, or Sami at least, everyday; at school, for lunch, for dabkeh practice, during dinner, when going out… The El Zaharna’s are actually out for lunch with my parents in Saudi at the moment. Sami also would come to Jordan to spend the time with us every break he had, and Auntie Basima came once as well.
Sadly though, Sami had to move to the U.S. last year and thus putting an end to his every-break visits, and we haven’t seen the El-Zaharna’s since March 2004.
So basically, you can imagine how happy the Assi’s were when we found out that Sami could come to Amman for 5 days this Thursday.
So yeah, Sami, this is a shout out from Hisham, Omar, Gus, Basem, and Abed :)

The extended family taking the El-Zaharnas touring around Jordan the first time they were here

Proof that there was a party in da house