Last year, my mother introduced me to this little corner place in downtown Amman called Sabanekh. They basically make plastic signs for use in public places, but they also sell plastic, which is why my mother introduced me to them as I needed plastic for a certain design project.

Last year’s design project.

And oh! What fun it was! Cutting the plastic, sticking it together, building a 3D model using little 10 by 10 slabs, using a syringe to do all the little detail… AH! It was a week of heaven for me.

So today, when the opportunity came to make a project using plastic, I jumped at it, and I have spent the past few hours enjoying the heaven that is plastic.

Yes, I know I sound like a happy enthusiastic 6th grader, but at the moment, I am so excited and I can’t help but share my excitement:

After you cut and unwrap the plastic, you fix it accordingly using a special cutter and sandpaper.

Then you stick the flabs together using scotch tape then you use a special liquid in a syringe to melt the plastic together.

Ta da! A perfect box. Imagine all the possibilities……