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Star Academy’s Prime 2

So tonight was LBC’s second Star Academy prime. I didn’t watch all of it, but what I did watch was interesting. I still think that Amani from Tunis and Katia from Lebanon have the best voices, but now I have added Zizi from Egypt and Joy from Syria to the list of good voices.

Amani and Zizi singing (so why is it that it’s usually only the Lebanese that have great taste in clothing?) .

The nominees were Randa Farraj from Egypt, Anas Erramli from Libya, and Eman Mezher from Lebanon. I’m not into the show enough to vote, but if I was, I would have voted for Eman. Anas has the worst voice out of the 16 students, I think maybe even I can sing better, but he’s Ken-Doll handsome. I was surprised he got 54.15 percent of the votes, and I guess he was too, because not only did he jump higher than even Mohammad Attieh in the last season, he also did a cute little dance of happiness:

So then it was the students turn to vote, and the results were also a bit surprising, with Randa only getting 3 votes(Zizi’s, Hanan’s, and the Kuwaiti guy’s) and Eman getting the rest.


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