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The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings.
Ah, where do I start? Do I start talking about the 1136 pages of pure euphoria, or do I start praising the three amazing movies that had me grabbing my seat and trying to control the adrenaline rushing through my veins? No, maybe I should start with the pure genius, J. R. R. Tolkein, or maybe with my thoughts about the sheer ingenuity of Middle Earth?
AH! Honestly, my whole body gets goose bumps just thinking about LotR, my favorite book, and my favorite movie.
I started writing a post about LotR to convince Natasha to read the book maybe a month back, I’m so lazy though and it’s in the drafts folder along with my post about Jordan Bloggers Meet-up. I have Iyas to thank for horrifying me into actually bothering to finish the LotR post.

Let me start with the book- a book I have read over and over again since my friend Sami convinced me to read it years ago. Like I said earlier, it basically consists of 1136 pages of pure enjoyment, where you are transformed into the worlds of elves, men, dwarves, hobbits, orcs, and wizards. You are transformed to a parallel universe, a universe whose fantasy merges into your reality, a universe that forces you to understand the ultimate difference between good and evil.
Honestly, you emerge after the 1136 pages of magical words a different person. If not so for the amazing story, then for Tolkeins sheer creativity, his ability to weave a web of different worlds and combine them into one supreme fairy-tale, a fairy-tale that has surely managed to inspire millions of people since it was released in the 1950’s. Its influence has got everywhere in popular culture: in games, the fantasy genre, and even music.
It has definitely inspired me beyond my own expectations, and every time I read the book again, I discover a new turn come across a new twist.
Simply said, The Lord of the Rings, as far as I’m concerned, is the best literary work of all time.

My dog-eared scotch-taped LotR book

Now for the movies, I can only say that Peter Jackson did a heck of a damn great job. Only now, after nearly 50 years from the release of the first book, has the first substantial movie arrived, made possible by advances in CGI and a new taste, arguably, for politically inflected escapism and good-versus-evil combat fantasy.
Peter Jackson managed to come up with a stunning-looking movie, a complete world entire of itself.
The first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring, is magical, combining beautiful mythology and elvish exquisiteness. The second installment, The Two Towers, is full of intense combat fantasy and extensive thrilling scenes, long-haired men smoking extremely long pipes, women with pointy ears, and elvish galore. Yes, they were long, and yes, they were jam-packed with fantasy, but they were great.
Now, as for The Return of the King, not only my favorite installment, but also my all-time favorite movie, it deserves a different post by itself. Ah. After the 3 hours and 30 minutes of adrenaline bubbling through my veins, I sat in the movie theatre that Amman winter night, astounded and dazed as the last of the three installment allowed me to melt away across the battlefield at sunset, picking my way through the jolting orcs, remains of elephants, and collapsed soldiers.
Yes, I agree with Iyas. It’s been 3 long, long installments, but never boring, and trust me, I have the shortest attention span on earth. It’s just pure good stuff :)
As for the commercialization of The Lord of the Rings, that’s not Tolkein’s or Jackson’s fault, that’s simply the essence of the 21st century. Money, money, money, Abba says it best. As for lining up waiting for the sixth Harry Potter book to be released, I would have probably done that.
Seriously, creative people should rule the world.

Post dedicated to Iyas and Natasha.

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  1. zaiding

    Such a shame no comments are here:-) i know this post is really old, i found it by accident, i just couldn’t see a post about my favorite writer ever and not comment,

    I love the Silmarillion the most, then children of Hurin, and finally lord of the rings, as for the history of middle earth ive reached volume 5, my cousin read them all. i envy him:-)

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