Yesterday, 31/12/2004, was the first day of Star Academy 2, a show on LBC that has certainly attracted much attention in the Arab world, both positive and negative.

I watched this seasons first “prime” last night, and I found it rather interesting; sixteen new students, twelve different Arab countries, and four months to try to teach the students to become “entertainers”. Fascinating, especially in regards to the fact that they are from 12 different Arab countries, some as different from each other as black and white.
I love watching the reactions of these 16 kids to the different dialects, the different traditions, and the different stream of thoughts. It’s also rather interesting discovering more about the different Arab cultures through normal kids, who were raised in normal families and who have had normal lives.
It’s sad to say this, but I was only introduced to Il-Maghreb il Arabi(Arab African countries) last year while watching Star Academy 1. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, I met a lot of people from many different places, yet almost no one from Il Maghreb Il-Arabi, basically because they lived in French compounds and went to French schools, while my life was based around the Americanization in Saudi Arabia. Lol, I was quite surprised by Ahmad, Bahaa’ and Sophia, I expected the people from Il Maghreb Il Arabi to look and act very differently from us. I also discovered that I only understand the Bilad il Sham dialect :)

Anyway, enough about that.

This Star Academy season certainly has more talent than the last, with most of the students having decent voices, while last year’s decent voices where only (in my opinion) Bahaa’s, Mariam’s, Bashar’s, and Cynthia’s. The voices that caught my eye(or shall I say ear) yesterday were Katia’s and Amani’s, although most of the girls have interesting voices. I don’t think any of the guys do though, and unfortunately, none were as good looking as Ahmad Al-Sharif from the first season, and none as funny as Mohammad Attieh.
The Jordanian guy, Bashar, is rather adorable, and I loved the “reportage” on Amman.

Ah, I love Amman.

I was also fascinated by the amount of people who attended the Star Academy concerts over the summer, being:

Egypt: 31, 000 people
Kuwait: 8, 000 people
Dubai: 5, 000 people
Syria: 11, 000 people
Jordani: 5, 000 people (Lol, it was a pleasant experience)
Lebanon: 10, 000 people