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Happy New Year – Yes, Yesterday Has Passed

It is finished, the year is over, yesterday has passed. I really hope that everyone will have a great new year, a great 2005.

Every December 31st, I sit and think about how another year has passed; another 12 months, another 365 days, another New Year’s Eve.
I find it mind-blowing.
Think about it…Time is such an abstract concept; minutes crawl, weeks fly, days start, and years end. Yet, we still assess this colossal conception we call “time” in static formulas that I believe serve only as limits to what we can accomplish in a certain frame.

Ok, enough blabbering. So how was your 2004? Mine was alright, it wasn’t too great a year- I definitely preferred 2003. The last few weeks have also been kinda bad, but maybe I’m just saying that because I’m not in the best of moods as I’m writing this(regarding issues pertaining to misuse of authority, AHH!)

The New Year certainly seems appealing though, with January starting off with the arrival of people I care about, and who I haven’t seen for too long. The summer also holds a promise to bring over someone I haven’t seen since August 2003, so that should be really nice as well. I’m also really excited about having a Lord of The Rings movie marathon when my friend Sami comes this January as almost none of my Jordan friends agreed to have
a marathon with me(2al they couldn’t stay awake through one LotR movie, bleh)

So basically, I won’t be lighting my fireworks for the idea of another 365 more days of my life going down the drain, rather for the fact that this not-too-great-a-year is over.

As for resolutions, I’m not much of a resolution person. I don’t drink, I d’n’t smoke, and I’m generally quite happy with my life and with who I am, so I have none and hopefully will never be one of the people who needs to have a resolution to accomplish something.

At the end of 2004, I would like to share with you parts of the lyrics of a No Doubt song called Six Feet Under. It’s rather pessimistic, and I’m a very optimistic person, but it portrays the frame of mind I’m in at this time of the year:

In the morning I wake up
And in the night I sleep
Since the day that I was born
Repeat, repeat, repeat
Brought to this life
Born to this life
Where was I before?
Non-existent? Not at all?
Will I ever know?

Subconsciously motivated natural instinct
Alter nature for the pleasure
Flirt with conception
Slow the cycle
Will the baby grow?
Social tradition interference
Control, control, control

Spinning, spinning
Before I can recall
All the unknown chemicals
Control the cycle
The successive generations
From dust to dust
Burying my grandma
Then give birth to my own daughter

And I get one every year
And some day…
Hard to believe
But I’ll be buried six feet underground
I’ll be dead and gone, no longer around

Have a great 2005.


Happy Birthday Superstar


The Lord of the Rings

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  1. leen

    hi there, not someone u know.. im just a girl who saw ur blog for the first time today ..and i was touched.for so so so many reasons..but i will not bored u with my life details.just wanna say that i loved urr work an ur life AND I MISS AMMAN ALOT.oh by the way its not 2004 anymore and its not either 2005 or 2006 ..its 2007 and it will b 2007 soon..i wish its 2004..i was there in jordan on 2004 studying interior desighn but i decided to quit studying and get married :) im in dubai now ..missing art ..missing my familly..missing my freinds..missing jordan ..missing my life.
    im sorry i just couldnt hold myself from writing .hope the best for u.sorry again.

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