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Eyeball Jewelry

The latest craze in body modification: eyeball jewelry(and I thought the permanently attached to the nose glasses were bad). I’m not talking pierced eyelids or eyebrows — that’s child’s play at this point. Hehe, I’m talking jewelry placed directly in the eyeball! Yeah, it’s getting really freaky.

Here’s how it works. An ophthalmologist anesthetizes your eye, then makes a microscopic incision in the conjunctiva, the eye’s transparent outer membrane. The doctor drops a tiny piece of jewelry (called JewelEye) into the incision, and the procedure is over. It takes 10 minutes and costs about $4,000, and you spend the next week feeling as if you have a piece of sand in your eye. When the conjunctiva heals, you can’t feel it (even when you rub your eye).

Apparently, the risk of infection is lower with JewelEye than with ear piercing, because JewelEye is sealed in the eye and never exposed to bacteria. It doesn’t migrate, even after millions of blinks and countless eye rubbings, and it’s removable.

Hmmmm… I honestly thought diamonds in the teeth were taking it over the top. What’s next I wonder? Is there anything left?

Source NYTimes


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  1. If they can do this with a piece of metal or stone…why can’t they do it with a contact lense or is it because it doesn’t ‘migrate’ like you said?

  2. DD

    This is fuckin’ amazing!!!

  3. DD

    This is amazing!!!!

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