Inspired by Subzero Blue:

1. I’ve recently developed a very picky taste when it comes to music, and I can’t stand hip-hop/RNB (and I know who to thank for that :P)

2. I’m a no-fuss person; I don’t do heels, make-up, or nice hair.

3. I was a registered student at American University of Beirut’s Architecture department and changed my mind and decided to go to JU to do Fine Arts during the last week before AUB’s orientation.

4. I hate being human, and I wish I was a vampire, a faery, or an elve.

5. I’m very quiet.

6. I’m addicted to soda.

7. I don’t watch TV or talk on the phone.

8. I can’t stand whining, slacking, and people who are always late.

9. I’m partially a misandrist.

10. I would love to visit Japan.