My time as a guest reBlogger at is now over, and I have enjoyed the time I spent there as a reBlogger drastically. Sadly, during the last two weeks of my stay, I wasn’t able to give AraBlog the attention it deserves, mainly because we spent the Eid time in the Dead Sea then went to Egypt after that.
As for my experience, it was amazing. I was very surprised at how different being a reBlogger is from being a regular blogger. When I was a reBlog, I was more of a searcher, combing through cyberspace to find interesting posts, and getting surprised by the amount of interesting posts running around the net. When I blog on AndFarAway, I just blog whatever I accidentally come upon that I find interesting, and of course, voice my opinions and feelings.
During the last month, I got introduced to so many new blogs that I now love to follow, such as Engadget and Wooster Collective. I also learned how to use Movable Type, how to read RSS feedbacks instead of visiting each website separately(although I’m back to reading each website separately because it’s a much richer experience), and got acquainted with a-hell-of-a-software that is FireFox.
Don’t forget to check out AraBlogs amazing new design.