I’ve been wanting to add a section with all the really cool design websites I follow for a while, but laziness always kicked in. Today, I finally added a “Design & More” blogroll and updated the links in the “Blogs I Follow” blogroll.
Most of the links in the “Design & More” section are great blogs, Cool Hunting, Popgadget and Engadget being my favorite three. Sensory Impact is amazing when they bother to update, but unfortunately, they barely ever do. I also really like the fact that they are based in Dubai, it’s great to see amazing weblogs around the Arab world. Treehugger is interesting as well, especially for the green, and Textually is great for the mobile lovers out there, it’s always interesting and provides a broad insight into the world of cellphone technology.
Mocoloco and Reluct are both strictly design blogs, but they’re both very inspiring if you ever need to be inspired. We Make Money Not Art is also a great blog, but I don’t like their layout.
The only blog in the list that’s not a design blog is Wooster Collective.Wooster Collective is a “celebration of street art”. It’s very fascinating and everyone must check it out. I got acquainted with it while I was a reblogger at AraBlog ReBloglast month(Check out AraBlog’s redesign, it’s really cool). I’ve become very interested in street art after checking out Wooster Collective.
Enjoy the links, although I’m sure that anyone who reads my blog often is well acquainted with them, because I love reblogging their posts :)