Our 6 day Egypt excursion came to an end yesterday when we came back home to Amman, Jordan.
The trip was wonderful; it was culturally and aesthetically enriching, it was inspiring, and it was fun. I got to see a lot of art work, architecture, and historical monuments that I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to see. I’m really impressed at how much the Egyptian government cares about the fine arts, but sadly, the Egyptian public doesn’t seem to have any cultural awareness.
Egypt’s nature is gorgeous. The River Nile is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen, and Egypt has startling vegetation and a lot of beautiful gardens. Egypt’s sky is marvelous, it’s so high and it always looks so good. Why is Egypt’s sky higher than Jordan’s?
Old Egypt is also amazing, and it’s a lot like old Damascus. It has the most splendid mosques and churches(more about that later), and of course, a lot of history. We spent a lot of time in areas like Khan Il Khalili and the Cornish, and it was a lot of fun. We also went to Al-Madeenah Al-I3lameyah, which is a very impressive movie set, and we got to see a few famous singers.
The people are generally very friendly, but too flirty and they try to use tourists. They also have too much humor for us un-humorous Jordanians. Although Egypt is only an hour away by plane, and although we’re all Arabs, the Egyptian culture is very different from ours (as in Bilad Il Sham, or Greater Syria), and almost foreign.
As for Egypt as a country, I’m not sure I liked modern Egypt; it’s too crowded, too polluted, and terribly planned. The buildings are all way too high, too dirty, and either incomplete or just pure ugly. Egyptians are also the craziest drivers I’ve ever seen, I will never cuss out a Jordanian cab or bus ever again. Another con was the fact that we didn’t eat much, the food being much too different for us (although we did eat a lot of Hardee’s).
More on the trip and some pictures later, I need to catch up on my sleep now.