People have been putting up billboards that can wirelessly beam info to PDAs for a while now, but Transport for London is just now taking the plunge and putting up 25 posters embedded with “Hypertags” that via infrared can beam to cellphones the number for a hotline where tube passengers can get information about how to travel safely at night. Apparently the big selling point of Hypertags are that they use infrared and aren’t dependent on being connected to a cellphone network to work, making them perfect for the subway tunnels where Transport for London is planning to place the posters. The only thing is that beaming people a phone number for a hotline to call won’t do them much good when they’re riding the subway, and when was it so hard to just scribble down a number or enter it into your phone, anyway? Anyway, Hypertag, the company behind the Hypertags, says that the posters can also be used to beam stuff like coupons, business cards, ringtones, or games to people’s phones.

[Via Engadget]

Minority Report anyone?