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In a move that marks the beginning of the end for a hugely successful chapter in technology history, Britain’s biggest high street electronics retailer Dixons has announced that it’s taking VCRs off its shelves for good.

All over the world, the revolutionary VHS (video home system)–which let people record and watch television programs when they wanted rather than at the whim of broadcasters–is in headlong retreat as the DVD (digital versatile disc) takes over.

To add insult to injury, police grudgingly admit that in Britain at least, home burglars don’t even bother to take VHS players because new ones now cost so little that no one wants a second-hand model.

Rest in peace VHS.
You were a wonderful chapter in the history of technology and behind so many fun and beautiful moments.
In your support, I’ll try to always keep a place for a VHS in my home :)
Until I migrate my wedding video to DVD that is :P

[Via Subzero Blue]

Scary! What’s next I wonder?


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  1. ah my dear VHS we had such lovely memories, RIP

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