This is a part of a very interesting article on Sabbah’s blog:

“Unfortunately, some Arab media proceeds in this propaganda as they instructs their Don’t Say – Say Dictionary to target unsuspecting recipients of the twisted version of the truth. Don’t say “Jewish Settlements” – say “Jewish Villages, Towns, or Communities.” Don’t say “Colonialism” – say “Return to the Homeland.” Don’t say “Palestinian Militants” – say “Palestinian Terrorist.” Don’t say “West Bank” – say “Judea and Samaria.” Don’t say “Resistance” – say “Terrorists, Fundamentalists, Insurgents.” Don’t say “Martyr” – say “Suicide Bombers.” You get the picture?

Sadly, enough Arab bought the lying slogans repeated over and over and over again, such as the American slogan, “Freedom is on the March” which really meant, we will bomb Iraq into submission. These slogans and lies don’t need to make much sense – just repeat them often enough until they sound so familiar they become “common knowledge” and are mistaken for truth.”

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