I’ve fallen in love RSCN’s Jordan Wild Cafe in Jabal Amman, and not for humanitarian reasons, but rather for the simple ingenuity that they have in their design.
Their use of simple and primary material is very resourceful, and the minimalist approach they used in the design reminds me of the shaker style that you would don’t see much in Amman. I also love the sheer modernity.

Upper balcony.

This material covers the upper balcony, protecting from the sun. It’s just gorgeous. I even love the way you can see the rust.

The stairs is one of my favorite things in the building. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

This is the main door’s reception area. Excuse the photograph I was actually testing out the camera’s different modes capabilities.

When you look up close at the counter in the main door’s reception area, you find out that it’s made of squished soda cans! And it looks so darn good!

The tables are just as creative as everything else. I love the blast of color, it makes up for the neutrals in the rest of the building.

I know I always go overboard with posting pictures, I’m a very visual person. So just enjoy the clutter…
Everyone should go to this café and slowly digest the little creations they have so skillfully put together to make such an amazing design.
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