Yesterday, I got to watch two movies I’ve been wanting to watch for a while, The Village, and The Terminal.

The Village is one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen, and it definitly goes up on my all time favorites list. I love all M. Night Shyamalan movies, and I thought this movie was his best so far. He’s so talented. The directing was excellent, as to be expected. I loved how the camera seemed too scared to show us what was happening. Shyamalan is also an amazing writer, I loved the twist at the end, I just didn’t expect it at all. Really, every one Must watch this movie, it’s a masterpiece.

As for The Terminal, I was rather disappointed. I really love Tom Hanks and his movies are usually so good. He’s an excellent actor, and his acting in The Terminal was no exception. He makes it so hard to believe that this utterly lost East European man with the funny accent and the stupid timidness is also the same strong man of Cast Away and the “F.O.X” arrogant business man of You’ve Got Mail.
The Terminal though as a movie was a waste of 128 minutes. The plot was improbable in a stupid way(they make a huge deal about finding out what’s in a Planters can and then it turns out to be the dumbest thing on earth), the love story utterly pointless(it didn’t fit in the plot and nothing came out of it), and the ending was VERY annoying(I don’t want to even start on that).

I don’t understand how critics gave “The Village” a C+ and “The Terminal” a B. God, they suck.