With the Grendaizar blog-craze going around, I had to share this website:


The cartoons are on DVDs and in the arabic language. Most of them are from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s really cool to have such a store online :)
Going over the pictures and names of the cartoons also feels really nice. I forgot about most of these cartoons although I’ve probably watched every single episode of most of them. We used to record every single Al-Haddaf and Captian Majed episode that would come on, and wait for Al-Nemer Il-Moqana3 and Al-Hoot Al-Abyad.
So if you’re not planning on buying anything, just stroll through the cartoons to get this sweet nostalgic feeling when looking at pictures of “Zeina o Na7ool” and “Senan”.
The kids nowadays are missing out on so much…