We are so dependent on electricity that our day will literally go to waste if something is wrong with it. It’s amazing isn’t it?
Today, they were fixing something in the neigborhood and the power was knocked off for most of the day. Terrible experience.
Firstly, I had to climb the 3 flights of stairs because the elevator was obviously not working. When I finally reached the third floor, I realized that I couldn’t ring the doorbell, so I tried to call, only to remember that our phone needed electricity to work so it wasn’t ringing. I had to bang on the door for 10 minutes for someone to let me in.
Inside, I tried to get some studying done for my Sunday Art History test, but I immediatly got a headache because I can’t read without enough light. I can’t sit on the computer or watch TV of course, so I thought I’d shower. Then I realized that I can’t shower because how am I going to heat the water without electricity? I thought I might work on my book-cover project, but all my layouts are saved in the computer, so I couldn’t do that either.
In the end, after an hour of trying to do something productive, I decided to take a nap, quite useless in a busy week.
Our complete dependence on electricity is sad, don’t you think?
Oh well, at least pillows don’t use electricity.