MMM’s post about super powers really got to me, because although everyone seemed to know exacly what sort of super power they would like to have if they could, I really couldn’t think of anything.
MMM wants invisibility, as does Ammar. Jameed wants the ability to roll back time, Clandestina wants to to be able to read thoughts, and Eman wants to have the ability to control minds. Cool right? I feel like I’m reading a science fiction novel and I love science fiction. I’ve read countless books and watched a good amount of movies that are science fiction. So how come I don’t know what kind of super powers I would like to have?
I spent at least 10 minutes before I posted a stupid comment about wanting to have vampire super powers (yeah, don’t ask).
Finally, after a week of pondering, I realized what super power Roba would like to have. Not invisibility of course. I’d hate to read minds because I like people in general, and there’s no point in changing that. Rolling back time sounds really cool, but I really believe that God does everything for the best, and I wouldn’t want to mess with that.
So what would I want? I’d want to be able to instantly learn every single book I touch. That would be really cool wouldn’t it? Then I can seriously fix up the world…