Ok, so the “Business Card Project” is dead and burried.

I’m glad to say that not only did I end up with an A(I’m a nerd), I also got the highest average. I decided to share because some of you were really nice and helped, and because I promised Sami to show him 2 weeks ago but forgot all about it.

The right colors are on the front, the back is actually the same color in real life but it looks different here cause I didn’t use flash. Of course, it’s also straight, it looks like this because again, I didn’t balance my camera. Oh, well. You guys can deal.

Front of Business Card:
Pictures 629

Back of Business Card:
Pictures 630

Ok, and here’s the concept and how I worked out everything if anyone is interested(or bored enough) in reading:

Identity Name and Slogan: The name, which is “Box”, goes hand in hand with the slogan, “Think Outside”.

Idea Concept:

“Think Outside the Box”

Thinking outside the box means thinking beyond the limitations of human consciousness and familiarity; to see past the standard. It’s a phrase that signifies creativity and resourcefulness, which is why I coined my identity name from it.
A box is also a very important shape in the world of arts and design. Rooms are boxes, websites are boxes one way or another and the shape box is used in almost all fields of art and design.

Design Concept:
My concept when it comes to the idea lays in a comparison between ordinariness and uniqueness. The elements I used in the card are contrasting:

1) The logo, the square logo at the side of the card, represents rigidity. It also symbolizes the word box, and signifies the physical world. The circle at the other side represents a creative idea that is outside the box. It corresponds to unity, wholeness, and infinity. Thus, it is the driving force of the physical world (the box).
2) The logo is static. It doesn’t change and stays at the same place at all times. The circle and the repetitive “ThinkOutside” slogan are dynamic. They move around the card according to mood and feel.


1) The logo not only reads box, but it also looks very boxy, so that it serves as a pictorial, symbolic, and typographic logo at the same time. In the second design, the hollowed out slogan allows you to literally see outside the box.
2) Recurring “Think Outside” bordering the logo, to emphasize importance of slogan.
3) The logo contains sharp lines in order to signify the sharpness and keen of mind.
4) Colors: I chose red because of the phrase “Red carpet treatment” (make someone feel special, treat them as if they are a celebrity). Red also suggests confidence and power, hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs.
Furthermore, red grabs attention and makes people take action.
Pink was added to calm down the effects of red.
5) If an imaginary line was drawn down the center of the logo, it would run down the golden section.
6) In the second design, the logo would still read box if it was flipped.

I was trying to be deep :P