It’s all over the news, NASA picked May 2005 for launch date, the first launch since the Columbia tragedy two years ago.
Scary. I’m glad I’m not the boss at NASA. I wouldn’t have even considered relaunching after a tragedy like Columbia for at least 10 years. I’m too cautious.
This makes me think of how fear and evolvement go hand in hand. If the NASA people don’t relaunch, we won’t evolve.
So does my fear cripple my life and evolvement? I think it does. I’m too much of a perfectionist, always afraid of screwing something in my perfectly planned out life. Everything in my life has to be perfect or I’ll get depressed. I need to be literally pushed into taking a step sometimes, and that only happens after calculations, re-calculations and schemes drawn up in my mind. I’m really much too afraid of failure and rejection.
Once again, I’m glad I don’t work for NASA.