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Book Cover Design

Our first project for the year was done last week, I submitted the “Business Card Project” last Sunday. I think my business card turned out alright, but I would have done a better job if I had more time. I’ll post pictures later.
Our next project is book cover design, which should be more interesting than business cards especially with my obsession with books. I had a really hard time choosing the book(I had too many ideas, including Ameen Malouf’s Samarkand, and Anne Rice’s Pandora. In the end, I settled for a very ugly design book by Judith Miller called Color.

The reason I chose it is because I’m amazed at the fact that a lady who is trying to teach people how to use colors in their designs uses such disgusting colors in her book cover. It’s too bright for one thing and the main colors are more suitable for a childrens picture book. The photographs displayed also contrast in an extreme way with the background color and the typography. Unbelievable.
Hehe, damn it, she’s trying to teach people how to use color!!!
There are a lot of amazing book covers around, and I’ve had several posts about that. One of my favorites is Memoirs of a Geisha’s cover(also one of my favorite books, its a must-read).

Beautiful right? It’s a work of art.
If anyone knows any amazing or horrifying book covers, please do share, because we’re expected to do case studies and all.


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  1. Don

    I really like that cover photo from Memoirs of a Geisha but haven’t been able to find out who took it and where I can get a copy with good resolution or poster of same.

    Do you know??

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