eBay has started a new marketing campaign that’s truly inspirational. The campaign is called “The Power Of All Of Us,” and the commercial entitled “Belief” left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The commercial has scenes of human decency that would usually go unnoticed. A $10 bill left for a cup of coffee, a woman picking up trash on the street, people pushing a car stuck in snow, pictures of recycling bins full to the brim, the plastic penny plates you see at most convenience stores, and so on …

You can watch the spot at www.thepowerofallofus.com

Let me know what you think.

[Via Ameen’s Musings]

Take Ameen’s word, it really is inspirational. My favorite part was with the adopted Asians family picture, and when the wind blew that business man’s papers and people started helping. The “I hit your car” part cracked me up :)
Thanks for sharing, Ameen.