I’m not a TV person so I never watch TV, but here’s an interesting insight on one of the shows showing during Ramadan:

“It’s A Rocky “Road To Kabul”

The TV soap opera, that is. “The Road To Kabul” is a joint Qatari-Jordanian serial about an Afghan girl who falls in love with a Palestinian boy while studying in the UK, only to return home to the indignities and misogynist oppression of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. Apparently, the producers, directors, writers, and actors must be doing something right because they warranted death threats from the latest addition to the wacko-squad: the Mujahedin Brigades of Iraq and Syria.

“We swear to the great God that if we see in the series anything other than the honourable reality of the Taliban … we will assault all those who participated in this sullied malice.

“We will strike, God willing, the centres of satellite stations, their correspondents … and we swear that nobody will slip from our hands – if not today, then tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then in a month, or a year.”

QTV, the co-producer of the series, has decided not to broadcast it bacause “its quality and standard could not be verified” according to a station spokesman. Ironically, the Saudis love it, as it is available via satellite on MBC and ART. But in typical fashion – ie., clueless of the Western mentality and clinging to conspiracy theories –some Saudis think that the serial isn’t being broadcast because of American pressure on QTV. What they don’t get is that this is EXACTLY the image of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan that the US wants everyone to see, as it becomes one reason for justifying the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. In fact, when you see all the images and stories coming out of Afghanistan now, it makes any human wonder how the world could have all closed its eyes for so long to the massive human tragedy caused by the Taliban. It’s about time we open our eyes.

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[Via Sabbah’s Blog, PM]