Haitham’s Bahrain Blogger Meet-Up had me remember my experiences with meeting “online” friends. Actually, they were only two experiences.

Six to seven years ago, I got deeply drawn into mIRC for a few months. I talked to a lot of people, but most of them weren’t even worth a nickel (shall I say negleh?:) )
My first experience(which was about 6 years ago) was terrible. I really do believe that you can easily read a person from the way he or she dresses, and the guy literally showed up in what looked like PJ’s to me. Scratch out- I’m not into people who don’t know how to dress (call me shallow if you will, but dressing is a form of art.) There were also several other scratch-out factors of course, like his inability to talk and the whole “sweetie” thing (The “sweetie” thing SERIOUSLY gets on my nerves. I never understood when it became okay for a guy to call a girl he barely knows “sweetie”. Find yourself a girlfriend!)
The experience resulted in the uninstallation of mIRC and lost contact with practically everyone.

Then came MSN Messenger, which was reserved for real-life friends. Only one mIRC buddy managed to find his way onto my contact list, and he lived in the States so I didn’t consider it a problem. I also was at a stage where I was so involved with SAT’s, fundraisers, and worrying about colleges to actually spend time online.
My calculations didn’t work out though(BTW, I suck at math), and as the years passed, I found myself spending at least 3 hours every day just talking to him, and attraction developed.
So when he came to Jordan, I of course had to meet him. It was scary. When you know someone for years through his writings and words, you create the person of your dreams around those writings. I was really afraid that my expectations were set too high. Luckily, they weren’t, and the experience was magical. It also made us closer, and we met several times after that. It’s been a long time since he last came to Jordan though and I really can’t wait till he comes again.
So there you go, my two experiences. One bad, one good. And I’m not a freak :P I’m sure a lot of people have had such an experience, did any of you?