“So, it seems Microsoft’s Passport is going down big time.

The whole idea didn’t really catch on from the beginning and only Microsoft-owned sites and a handful of close partners jumped on board. And after a bunch of high profile technical glitches and huge privacy concerns it just went sour.

I just read on Anil Dash’s blog that Monster.com sent out an email last week saying that they were discontinuing the option to sign in using Passport.
And it seems that eBay has taken the same step too.

Microsoft itself hasn’t been talking about Passport anymore, and their directory of sites using passport is gone. It’s like they know it’s a lost cause now.

Oh well, I’m sure Passport will still be around for things like msn messenger and other basic stuff, but gone are the days when it was hailed as the big web authentication service, our passport online.”

[Via Subzero Blue]