It’s a family habit to go have Ftoor at Inter-Continental Hotel during the first week of every Ramadan, and this year was no exception. It is though, the first time we go to Inter-Continental Amman, we always go to the one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The restaurant looked like a scene from Arabian Nights. There wasn’t a tent, but the ceiling sort of had a built in tent, and they had silk drapes draped around doorways and windows. The chairs also looked really cute wearing golden and blue-silver beaded hoodies. The waiters seemed like they have morphed out of Aladdin :)
The best part though was the fact that there was a man playing the Qanun, one of my favorite instruments.

And of course, they served Vimto, the Ramadan drink :) We’re sort of used to having Saudi Champagne(nonalcoholic drink made of freshly cut apples, fizzy water, and fizzy apple juice), but Vimto is a good second.

Overall, it was nice, and I’d recommend a ftoor at the Inter-Con because of the Ramadan feel, although the food wasn’t amazing. I bet the cook was Ghazzawi, because everything was WAY too spicy!