Ramadan is tomorrow, and like any person raised in Saudi Arabia, I love Ramadan.
In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is a break from the year. We grew up in a compound, which is a group of villas surrounded by a wall and that share a recreation area including pools, tennis courts, gyms, etc. In our compound(tiny, only made of 12 villas), they always placed a hugeee tent outside by the pool during Ramadan. All the neighbors would do a pot-luck sort of thing and we’d all have “ftoor”(breaking of the fast) together, regardless of religion and nationality. Then everyone from age 2 to 70 would spend the whole night until dawn(literally) in the tent, bbq-ing marshmallows, watching movies, smoking “arageel”(hubbly-bubbly), and just talking. Even people from outside the compound would stay till 3 AM or something(remember, Sami?). During the day, schools and jobs would start at 11:00 AM instead of 7:00, and at schools, no one used to teach anything cause the teachers would be too tired. It was honestly amazing…
Below is a tiny portion of the tent, and that door leads into the swimming pool :) LOL, my friend accidentally fell in once…The kids laying on the floor are watching TV. We did have couches of course, but the kids used to love sleeping in the tent so we had blankets and mats there so they used to watch TV while laying down.

I guess the only time I miss Riyadh is during religious celebrations. In Jordan, Ramadan isn’t as sweet. It’s just a regular month like the rest of the year, the only difference is that we don’t go to Seveen Cafeteria or to the milk-bar when we’re at school. The thing I like about Ramadan here is that everyone puts up Ramadan decorations(illegal in Saudi, don’t ask), and Amman starts looking so pretty with star and crescent lights hanging from the windows.

In short, happy Ramadan to everyone who celebrates Ramadan, inshalla yen3ad 3aleikom.