Terrible morning!
I only have one class on Thursdays at 11, so I go to school a bit early and I go and sit in class. I find it a bit odd that I don’t recognize many faces, and that my friend who’s usually there early didn’t show up. Then, a professor I didn’t recognize comes in so I finally ask the girl behind me if this is Computer Skills. Turns out the class was Sociology, and it wasn’t 11 o’clock, it was 12.
God… How utterly lost of me!
What makes things worse is that I didn’t find a good parking spot so I had to park on the 7th floor(roof actually) of the parking lot, which means that I climbed 7 flights of stairs for absolutly no reason.
Bad morning. Actually, bad week! The other day I was at my surface design class and I was going to sit when I heard this ripping noise… Turns out it was the back of my pants, and they ripped at the most unfortunate place, and the rip was huge… It was also 8, and all my classes were after each other so I had no time to go home and change, and my classes finish at 4 that day. Unbelievable! Thank God it was cold and I had a jacket with me to tie around my waist.
Blah, at least this week is over.