Roland Mouret designed changeable skins for laptops

Women’s spending power is growing faster than men’s, and gadget makers are
proposing products to win back our market.The fact that we feel design is
important does not mean we are just interested in pretty, shiny objects.Besides,
the language that explains and sells technology has to be rethought. As women’s
glossies hardly ever run gadget reviews, some have turned to weblogs, edited by
women, for a more straightforward look at the latest shiny things.And that’s
when it gets interesting!Mia Kim, editor of Popgadget, welcomes the recognition
that technology companies are giving to women, but is unhappy about what they
think women want.”Their solution is to do things like add mirrors to cell
phones, make things pink, instead of really dealing with the issue of not
marketing to women and not having media or retail outlets that are women
friendly.”Ultimately, women are probably the harder sell, she thinks. They want
to know how something works before they buy it.”It is not enough to just say
it’s the fastest, it’s the biggest. I think women want more substance than that.
They’re thinking, ‘okay, it’s fast, I get it, but what does it actually
do?’.”Get the details in
BBC news (no picture of Mia unfortunately)Thanks for the tip, Emily!”