Bjarke Viksoe is the mind behind Gmail Drive. Gmail Drive allows you to mount an extra drive under Windows and link it to your Gmail account. This way you will be able to store files in your Gmail account and retrieve them directly from inside Windows Explorer.
When you create a new file using GMail Drive, it generates an e-mail and posts it to your account. The e-mail appears in your normal Inbox folder, and the file is attached as an e-mail attachment. GMail Drive periodically checks your mail account (using the GMail search function) to see if new files have arrived and to rebuild the directory structures. But basically GMail Drive acts as any other hard-drive installed on your computer.
Ever wanted to shoot yourself because you forgot your USB drive at an important client meeting? Well, apparently those days are over … well sort of ;-). Unfortunately it won’t support file over 10 Megs, but I still think it’s kind of neat. Now the question is, will Google ban this?”

[Via PopGadget]