I am amazed by the concept of new ideas and innovation. I believe that any firm that manages to always be innovative and different deserves to win a creativity award of some sort.

One of the most creative firms around is Swatch; Swatch, the time-keeper, the internet-time provider, the company behind the most unique watch designs.

Consider this post as my tribute to this amazing company.

A part of Swatch’s special collection, here are some of my favorites:

Each watch design is unique, mixing between beautiful jewelery, fashion, and practical watches. Their Bijox Jewelery Collection is different from anything you can find at any other jewelery place. Their Loomi Watch Collection has a faceplate that changes completely when you touch it. They also have special edition watches for special occassions, like the Olympics Collection. And Let’s not forget the TinTin Tribute Collection and the cyber age tribute, .Beat Collection.

Their website also has some unbelievably cute features, my favorite being the Search By Game. This game allows you to play “Swatch-Pong” while searching for a particular swatch.

Swatch also has several concept stores. My favorite concept store is Via Della Spiga, located in Milan. Their concept is “Swatch brings sur mesure, individualism, versatility and Italian flair to the haute couture set.” This store has really creative designs, like a watch made of tubes that you can personalize by filling the tubes with different-color beads.

Wonderfully done job don’t you think?