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Embodying Talent

(Heatwave radiator)

Joris Laarman started his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem. He graduated in 2003. His graduation piece, the “Heatwave” concrete radiator, is now part of the Droog collection and exhibited wold wide.

Joris runs his design studio from his home in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His dream is to share a studio with friends who design and make it, in his words, a “Dexters Lab” for creativity.

Ivy climbing wall

After his graduation he had no trouble with promotion. His graduation piece brought him a lot of media attention. The design basically sells itself.

Check out his website at


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  1. How did he make that raidiator? I don’t think their parts look like that…

  2. Husams

    Well Khaled I guess you can make the core from wax, and pour concrete over it, after concrete solidify, heat it up to melt and flush the wax core and so you would get the inside fluid channels, but still im a mechanical design engineer, and if he asked me to make from this shape a functional radiator product, he would be dead long time ago.

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