Design by Jeffrey Erath, Lucas Herringshaw, Aaron Baczkowski

“The assignment—to rethink the typical construction barrier for renovations on the Tulane University campus—stipulated the use of PVC tubing and electrical conduit, and a budget of only $300 to produce 30 feet of fence. Jeffrey Erath and his team came up with Bending and Binding and Anchoring: A “kit of parts” includes four main components that can be arranged to create 27 combinations within each 7-foot section of fence. The multifunctional system incorporates areas for bike parking, seating, sign posting, entrances, visual protection, bus stops, and access to vending machines. Rice applauded both the fence’s function—”the ability of the structure to respond to programmatic needs”—and its aesthetic—”the PVC contours are not just posts and a line, but seem to represent a vertical landscape.”

[via IDOnline]