Today was the first day of the first semester.

I hate “first days” of things. People are always over-excited, you have to kiss everyone you meet, and you have to dig up flattery to say to those you haven’t seen in ages(“Oh, you lost weight!” I did? Ahuh, yeah, sure, whatever).

I doubt this semester will be a nice one. My classes suck, I’m used to taking a lot of studio classes and only one theoretical class each semester. I’m doing the opposite this time, taking five theoretical classes and one studio. How annoying! My classes also sound extremely boring; Art History 2, Western Aesthetics, Computer Skills 2, and Islamic Education. The only interesting class will be Surface Design, which had to be in the I.T. department, thus ruining my plans to have all my classes within a 10 minute walk to each other.

I miss last semester already. I had the most interesting classes, they were all so much fun and actually taught me something that I could use in my life. I think my favorite class was Drawing 2, which was basically figures and portraits. I used to literally wait for it to come, and then lose myself in it. We would have people sit, stand, and lay on tables, chairs, or the floor, and sketch them in 5 minutes on an A3 paper. We did self-portraits, and drew a lot of human anatomy(using sculptures). We then drew Jupiter, David, Aphrodite, and Venus. The drawing below is for that class, I took the picture during the annual exhibition.

I had a sculpting class, which was also fun. It showed me how to feel things with my hands in a way I never thought possible. The final project was to sculpt the human head and face. Although my “head” turned out nicely, I got annoyed at the fact that it looked like everyone else’s, basically a depiction of Greek perfection. So I decided to be creative. I changed the expression to that of pain (think chin looking up towards the sky and an open mouth), and I covered one part of the face with strips so that it looked like the skin was peeling off. I was quite happy with the results, my “head” looked like he should be in a comic book, but I guess the professor didn’t like it because he gave me a C.

My design class was also nice. It was probably the hardest, too many technical bits requiring my none-existant math skills. Yet, I had a lot of fun doing the projects. Our final project was to design a structure or an object that would increase or decrease a certain phobia in someone. I decided to increase hydrophobia(fear of water), and my project turned out great. It was also really interesting to see the phobias everyone else chose, and how they built their systems.

My three other classes were English Oral Skills, Color Theory, and Art History. I took the oral skills class for a laugh. I guess my blabbering is worth an A :P

Overall, it was a really nice semester. Lets hope that this one won’t be as bad as I think, but really, how is it not going to be when I compare it to my past semesters?