Ok, here’s a popular everyday tactic at the local supermarket: “Value for money”, which is a formula pertaining to quality, quantity, and price. After you compare quality and prices, you turn to the quantity. Which product has more?
How Much is Inside will help you answer that question. It’s a halarious website where a lot of everyday products are tested for quantity.
My favorite experiment was with a Sharpie, as I’m obsessed with Sharpies. The project was to lable as many CD’s as possible with one Sharpie. The result was really impressive:

They labeled 968 CDs with one Sharpie marker. That estimated length of a line that one Sharpie would make is 1,800 feet. The pile of CD’s was 54?” tall (138 cm).
Now, thats value for money!

To view the whole experiment, go here.