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Here’s a close up. Can anyone make out what it says?

My vacation is winding down, and I guess I was trying to emotionally prepare myself for the new year by trying to get my creativity thumping after 4 months (yes, four, I didn’t take any summer courses) of having it lay dormant.
I started this habit of writing what I feel in this way when I was at highschool. It’s actually extremely efficient, because it’s impossible for someone else to read, it takes so long that by the time you’re done you feel so relaxed, and it looks kinda cute.
I did this piece today, I have such bad allergies that I can’t really go out. See, Sami, I’m not really fadyeh, I have an excuse! :P


Punk Sneakers (Vans)


Innovation in News Presenting

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  1. Anonymous

    Very nice piece of art!


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