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Nancy Ajram

Did anyone notice that Nancy Ajrams latest video clip, “Ma Feye 3eesh Ila Ma3ak” also known as “Lawn E3yoonak”, is actually a continuation of “Yay”‘s video clip?
In “Yay, Sehr Eyono”, we see that she has a huge school-girl crush on a certain man, and we see an array of characters struggle to bring them together. In “Ma Feye 3eesh Ila Ma3ak”, Nancy is getting married to her crush, and the array of characters are the guests. We see the hairdresser, her mother, her friend, the little girl, etcetra. I think this is a really adorable idea, I’m sure the praise goes to Nadine Labki, the director. She has constantly wow-ed me with her very well directed videos, whether for Star Academy Arabia, Carol Samaha, or Nancy Ajram.
I’m really happy to see Arab women in fields like directing. Keep it up, Nadine.
To watch Nancy’s videos, click here.


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