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Love my tummy?

I love this advertisement. I saw it on weight loss website about 2 years ago, and couldn’t help but save it. I don’t think I like my tummy though :)

First Image ever on And Far Away


Power of Advertising


  1. Is this the very first Andfaraway post?

  2. haitham

    I am visiting the very first post of my fav. blogs, been doing so for a while now as I am about to stop blogging and just stick to a commenting “role”.

    It is a great ad indeed; creative, touchy, and simple!

    I don`t know when exactly I had my first comment on your blog but I know I will always visit.

    I admire your zeal in blogging, we all do. I hope you will continue to wow, educate, design (it can be a verb, it can! :D), and share yr view of the world with us.

    Please don`t change a thing!

  3. That’s very sweet Haitham :) Thank you sadeeqi :) Why are you going to stop blogging though?

  4. haitham

    Actually, the “thank you” ought to be directed to you, really.

    A short answer to my decision would be that I don`t have time to both blog and comment. Not much people can appreciate how determining such a factor is but as a prominent blogger I guess you can grasp what I mean; finding a balance is hard and if it is on something that you hold really dear to you it reaches a point where you need to let go and/or compromise. 8.5 years in/on/at/within blogger`s world is enough I guess :)

    I will still document some cornerstone phases of my life but not as much as I used to.

  5. Yalla, I guess blogs are dead anyway, for the most part :)

  6. haitham

    Allah y5allelna Twitter :)

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