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And to Avoid Rudeness in Emergencies…

I really, really hate it when I’m with someone and they start talking on the phone. I just think its the pinnacle of rudeness, although I know that you can’t really not answer your phone when it rings…
“Mass Distraction” is a project that tackles and tries to solve this problem.
The project included 3 jackets that challenge the experience of balancing your attention between the friend right next to you and the person calling your mobile phone.

Article as quoted from Cool Hunting, “The three jackets: Hood Jacket, Coin Jacket and Game Jacket each force an awareness of both the caller and the person in your physical presence.

The Hood Jacket In this jacket there is a mobile phone. In order to answer the phone, close the hood completely. The phone call continues, if you don’t try to open the hood.

The Coin Jacket In this jacket there is a mobile phone. In order to answer the phone, insert a coin in the upper-left pocket. The phone call continues, if you don’t stop to put the coin in the pocket.

The Game Jacket In this jacket there is a mobile phone and a videogame. In order to answer the phone, hand the game to your friend. The phone call lasts as long as he keeps on playing.”

[via the delicious Cool Hunting]

Star Academy Sing “I Will Survive” in Arabic!

Oh, my God!
Aretha Franklin’s “I Will Survive” is one of my all-time favorite songs, and I never thought that it could be good in Arabic as well. I was really, really pleased when I heard the Arabic version of “I Will Survive”, called “Helweh Il Hayat”, sung by the cast of Star Academy. It’s actually a job well done! I also love how they added an Arabic flair to the music.
Bahaa’ has an amazing voice, most suitable for such a strong song.
To listen to “Helweh Il-Hayah”, go here. To view the rest of the songs sung by Star Academy, and to have the option to download this song, go here.

Awsome Street Art

[via AraBlog]

Talk about gorgeous! I do wish someone would undertake such a project to beautify Amman’s unhospitable asphalts. It’s also a print that I can finally use those lino pads for!

Jewels of the Universe

Wow. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I’m not a huge fan of astronomy, but these photographs are just mind-blowing. Courtesy of Stefan Seip, IT consultant by day and intrepid astronomy photog by night.
I have always lived in huge, over-populated cities, so I consider myself lucky when I get a glimpse of a few stars at night. Once when I was a kid, we were coming back from Petra a little past midnight, and the stars filled the sky. It was the first and last time I ever see a real night sky.

To look at the rest of the amazing photographs, go to
this website.

Belts or a Piece of Art?

This is such a creative idea! I think that these belts, when worn as a separate item with jeans or whatever, would look really funky and unique. These belts also look amazing together as one item, its a piece of art. It’s an extremely innovative approach to selling limited items. I’m sure each costs a fortune though.

How Much is Inside?

Ok, here’s a popular everyday tactic at the local supermarket: “Value for money”, which is a formula pertaining to quality, quantity, and price. After you compare quality and prices, you turn to the quantity. Which product has more?
How Much is Inside will help you answer that question. It’s a halarious website where a lot of everyday products are tested for quantity.
My favorite experiment was with a Sharpie, as I’m obsessed with Sharpies. The project was to lable as many CD’s as possible with one Sharpie. The result was really impressive:

They labeled 968 CDs with one Sharpie marker. That estimated length of a line that one Sharpie would make is 1,800 feet. The pile of CD’s was 54?” tall (138 cm).
Now, thats value for money!

To view the whole experiment, go here.

Nokia’s Latest Toy- A Kaleidoscope!

Nokia announced the Kaleidoscope product almost a year ago, and according to Josh Rubin at Cool Hunting, they should be shipping out soon.
According to Nokia, “This device lets you upload digital images and carry them like a photo album or mini-gallery. Only one person can see the screen at a time, so you can share an inspiration or experience with a friend or colleague in confidence.
A full-color display, infrared transmission, and chic metallic looks make this a fantastic device both for leisure and professional use.”

In this age of extreme technology, I find this idea extremely appealing. You get to enjoy the technology, and enjoy childhood memories while doing so.
It would also be really nice if they provide retro covers along.

Hotmail Fees for Outlook Access

“This change will begin 27 September for new users and become effective for all users worldwide in 2005 after extensive communications to our existing users.
Microsoft says it decided to start charging for the service as it was being abused by senders of spam.
In the past, people could download e-mail from Hotmail into Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express for free.
But now only people who had paid an annual subscription fee will be able to access their messages without opening a browser window.
Users who want to use Outlook to pick up their Hotmail messages will have to pay $19.95 (£11) for an annual subscription to Hotmail Plus or the $99.95 (£55) a year for MSN Premium.
But subscribers who are already using the technology to download their messages will be able to carry on using the service for free until April. “

[Via Sabbah’s Blog]

More reasons to hate Hotmail! I can’t believe them sometimes!

SMS Sent to the Sky

Amodal Suspension” is an interactive installation where people could send short text messages to each other using a cell phone or web browser. So far, that’s quite normal. The twist however, lays in the fact that rather than being sent directly, the messages are encoded as unique sequences of flashes and sent to the sky!
The signaling works in a way that is similar to Morse code(intensity of lights represent different text characters.) Each message, once encoded, is “suspended” in the sky of Yamaguchi. An email is sent to the intended recipient to notify him or her that “a message was waiting for them in the sky of Yamaguchi”.
How interesting.
To view Amodal Suspension Live Video, go here. To send a message to someone in the sky of Yamaguchi, go here.
This maybe old news as “Amodal Suspension” opened on November 1st, 2003 with messages sent by astronauts Pedro Duque and Mamoru Mohri, but it’s still worth a post.

Innovation in News Presenting

Newsmap uses a new visual technique to present news. It shows relationships between headlines and patterns that would be unnoticable in the regular news presenting format. It also takes its data from Google News news aggregator, so you know where the information is coming from.

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