I miss Harry

The past few weeks, I’ve had unexplainable feelings of loss towards Harry Potter.

I miss Harry. I miss waiting for the books to come out. I miss fighting over who will it first. I miss driving to Bahrain to watch the movies. I guess miss being a little girl :)

Thank goodness you can’t spot old green-screen tech in a book.


An Important Warning About Blasphemy and Satanic Messages in Rock Music

My life sometimes feels as absurd as this PSA.


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This is insane: how gigantic Easter Eggs are made

From a company called Betty’s

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Yislamoo are so cute

Yislamoo are so cute, aren’t they?

yislamoo greeting cards

yislamoo greeting cards yislamoo greeting cards[/caption]

yislamoo greeting cards

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Solar flare

Solar flare, along with the Earth for scale.

Via io9


Disney Princess Pasta to Make You Smile

A few weeks ago I found this amazing Disney princess pasta. HOW COOL IS IT?

There’s Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Snow White. There’s also Cinderella’s carriage and castle.

Unfortunately, the poor princesses die quickly, and as soon as you add any sauce.

Still really awesome.
princess pasta

Even if what you eat looks like this:
dead princess pasta

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