(Trailer) بتونس بيك – طرب عالحطب (Batwannes Beek – Tarab 3al 7atab)


Kazdara: Jabal Al Weibdeh Art Walk


This is a really awesome event happening tonight in Jabal Al Weibdeh, 6:00PM till midnight.

From the event page: “For years now, Jabal Al Weibdeh has been the heart of Jordan’s creative community. A community which continues to grow each year with more artists taking up residence in the neighborhood, opening up studios, galleries, and creative spaces. In an effort to celebrate the thriving creative nature of Jabal Al Weibdeh, Malahi Entertainment Inc. is organizing KAZDARA, an annual Jabal Al Weibdeh Art Walk. All participating galleries, studios, cafes and organizations are given the opportunity to open their doors to the public for an eventful night. The goal of the walk is to create awareness for the creative work being done in the neighborhood, giving artists and organizations the chance to display their work to the general public.

Here’s the event page.


اعلان ابو كرتونة

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Visit Jordan

By Tarab 3al 7atab



If you want to send gifts to anyone in Jordan without having to look for a damn flowershop, my friend Mahmoud has just started out a website that lets you do that. The pictures are clear and the prices are fair, and it will save you lots of time and hassle. They also have cake.

I love it! And I hate driving around looking for flowershops.

[Visit 100wardeh.com]

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Amazing Song by Sons of Yusuf: “Still Got a Lot to Go”

In the past twelve years, I’ve blogged often about amazing artists making amazing music in the Arab world. There’s something really inspiring to me about music.

Think about it.

While music is potentially one of the best ways to deliver a message, creating good music is such a difficult feat, requiring a crazy combination of talent, hard work, practice, and knowledge. Whenever I come across an artist in the Arab world who nails this crazy combination while still delivering a powerful message at the same time, I feel happy. Happy about having talented people representing the Arab world. Happy to be at the receiving end of wonderful creativity. Happy to share.

This time, I’m happy to share with you a project I’ve been involved in from the onset: “Still Got a Lot to Go”, a song about hard work and creativity by Kuwaiti duo Sons of Yusuf. I’m happy — no, ecstatic — to bring to you their story as a part of Bayt.com’s series, #WhatsYourStory.

Stories are much more powerful than most people give them credit for. Our brains are designed to understand and relate to stories very, very easily. Much more easily than a PowerPoint presentation with a horrendous table and a gazillion figures.

Stories are also much more personal than many people are constantly aware of. YOUR story is a living, breathing, happening, changing thing, and YOU are the writer. You have the power to rewrite the plot and change your own ending. Day by day, things change slowly, but when you look back, everything is different.

That’s why I love the Sons of Yusuf story. They have gone out and created their own destiny. Taking chances, writing their own story, making a difference, changing the world. And the best part… their story isn’t about the part of the story that’s done, it’s about there be a lot more to do, a lot more to go. And that’s really admirable. What’s your story?

Take a look at the video and let me know your thoughts. If you like it and think that your friends may like it and feel inspired too, I’d love you for sharing it :)

Let’s spread the positive message!


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