When in Rome…

At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I must get this out of my system anyway… The Colosseum is totally overrated. And this is coming from an art major who once wrote a 50-page paper on the history and architecture of this historical building for a History of Art class in university.

I mean, it’s awesome of course, but I’ll be the one to say this cause no one else seems to want to say it (I got so many “Ah yeah it was just okay” statements after I went): if you’re Jordanian and you only have a few days in Rome, skip the Colosseum till another trip when you have a whole load of time. Trust me… Jerash is like an hour away, and it’s even less hot.

Obviously this does not apply to you if you’re not Jordanian.


Can you pick out the hand-drawn leaf?


By illustator Dino Tomic.

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Heart-wrenching “Lost Friends” Ads

If you want your dose of horror at how disgusting humanity is, check out these ads that ran in an American newspaper in the late 1800s: Lost Friends Exhibit.

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Space race

If only the major emotion of life was just that of overwhelming excitement over humanity’s new scientific frontiers, like New Horizons and Curiousity.

It’s so amazing to have so many people agreeing to look at such achievements with awe, wonder, and hope, as opposed to the racist, judgemental, disgusting, and depressing BS that we get to hear all the rest of the time about almost every other thing that ever happens.

Why can’t proxy wars happen in space again, instead of on our soil, like they did during the days of the space race?

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You won’t believe what this Chinese master does with cotton candy…

I want that so much I’m going to cry.

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Geometry of Fireworks

The mind’s eye always imagines them as a perfect circle.

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